Protection Planning

Although nobody likes to contemplate their own death or serious illness, when needed, having in place the right protection plans can have a profound impact on your own standard of living should you fall ill or of those you leave behind in the event of your death.

If the worst was to happen, could your household manage without your income? Could your family continue to have the same standard of living, and could your children afford to go to private school and/or university? Even if you have no dependants, the cost of a funeral could be more than you think, and who would pay your mortgage? 

With recent advances in medicine, some people are living longer after diagnosis of an illness, and are having to make allowances for the effects of living with the illness for longer. If funds were required to pay medical bills and/or to make alterations to your home, could you manage? Whether an illness is critical or not, a prolonged absence from work due to illness could easily cause financial hardship.

At McPhail Financial Services we help our clients understand their protection needs, the sums assured needed and help them put in place the right cover for them. Our firm has access to a wide range of life insurance providers who offer flexible policies that can provide replacement income and/or a lump sum on death. At McPhail Financial Services we can advise you as to the most suitable insurance policies to guard against these eventualities.